How to Create a Great Care Provider profile on Supportal

June 1, 2020

As we’ve said before, signing up as a care provider on Supportal is FREE and takes a couple of minutes (literally). Our families are looking to match with ALL kinds of therapist – OT’s, PT’s, SLP’s, Behaviorists, and Direct Support Workers . They need help for anything from a few hours a week to full time.

So how do you create a great profile that attracts the families who need your help?

Step One – the basics

First you’ll need to fill out your email, zip code, and click to let us know how far you’re willing to travel. Then you’ll need to check your email for an email from us. Click this to confirm your email address, then you’re ready to add detail to your profile.

 What’s next?

We’ve made creating a profile on Supportal super easy and fast. You just click the buttons to share important things about yourself; for example: ages you’re happy working with, your experience, and education/qualifications. Creating a basic profile takes no more than five minutes. You then have the option to add more detail. The more detailed your profile, the more you will stand out to families.

Making the Difference 

You will see as you add to your profile that there is a space for you to write more. This is your chance to shine! Give families an insight into what’s really special about you and the way you approach your work. Let them see a little of your personality. Are you extra patient, particularly experienced with non-verbal kids, or maybe bi-lingual? Additional details give families looking at multiple care providers a better understanding of whom to contact.

Don’t forget to add a photo!

It makes a big difference. It doesn’t have to be a super stylish professional picture – either a quick selfie or get a friend to take a picture on your phone and you’re good. It’s just nice for families to see a friendly face and helps them remember you.

Make sure you’re on Supportal with a great profile that helps you get found quickly.

In our next blog, we’ll talk more about background checks and how they can help.



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