How can you get the best out of Supportal and find the staff you need?

February 22, 2021

How can you get the best out of Supportal and find the staff you need?

Finding the right staff can be a real challenge, whether you’re looking for someone very specific or you are responsible for finding your own staff because you’re using self-direction. Supportal was designed to help providers and families connect easily and fast. If you or someone you care for has a disability, or additional needs, Supportal is for YOU. We have literally thousands of DSP’s, respite workers, ComHab staff and therapists available on the site. They have experience working with all kinds of people in the special needs community. Whether you need help for a child, adolescent or adult, the staff on our site are waiting to be contacted by YOU.

The Supportal Story

Supportal was founded by a therapist with a father with complex special needs. Supportal is totally focused around person-centred care for people in the special needs community. We know how stressful it can be when you need extra support, but you can’t find it. You don’t just want anyone; you want the right person. We wanted our site to be easy to use and to protect the privacy of the people looking for care and to offer the best choice of staff with easy to read profiles and direct contact to the staff you’re interested in. We wanted to create the kind of site we always wished we could find when we needed support staff.

Will there be someone right for my needs?

Maybe you need someone for just a few hours a week for additional support? Or perhaps you’re new to self-direction and need to find a number of providers as soon as possible? With Supportal, you’re in control. You reach out to the providers you’re interested in and decide between you what works. We have staff experienced at working with all kinds of abilities and behaviors. You need to take a little time to read their profiles, but you can narrow down your selection using our simple search filters to make sure you only see the providers in your area that have the right experience  for you.

You’re Always In Control- FREE 30 DAY TRIAL

You can sign up and take a look around for free,  you can search unlimited providers, and then if you decide you want to contact providers, you can get a FREE 30 day trial of our full service to get you started. What do you have to lose? Take a look

Final Thoughts

We’ve created Supportal for YOU. One place where you can find great providers to support YOU. You’re in control, you negotiate pay and hours and you choose who’s right. We’re here to support the special needs community and to put control back where it belongs -with you. Simple, easy and fast. Any questions please contact us on info@supportal.org

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